Gumtree experiment…

You all know by now how fucked I am as far as independence and money.. so I have been looking for another job. I applied for a kitchen hand position at night and on weekends… even delivering junk mail. I’m sure I will get something.. but the same old problem will be there… my money […]

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Blog goal-show scars

Been thinking.. my blog followers know me better already than anyone else in the world. So.. scary thought, but I want to do it… when I reach 200 followers, I will show my scars..I don’t even care if no one looks at that post, but it will be a big step for me to open […]

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Today I am ugly

I am ugly most days, but some are worse than others. Today is a definite ugly day. I have two small zit marks in my chin, tried to cover with make up but it looked worse so I scrubbed it of and re did it.. worse still.. I’m probably the only person who will even […]

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Does anyone else work away?

It’s 10:20 at night.. last time I spoke to him was about five hours ago, he was going to dinner soon with Work people.. just tried to call to say goodnight and he sent me an auto text reply saying he’d call me later. . Do you work away? Is he for real or am […]

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He just called…

It is 11 at night… he just rang to say he just got back to his room and was saying goodnight… I asked if he was at dinner all this time, he said yes… and turned it at me… Work dinner until 11????? Really?!

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