Ok, second go at my update…

Bit hard now cos I am at home and I can’t type without him wanting to know what I’m doing! But, I will try to type discreetly… so… the last time I posted, we were fighting, well the time before the last post that was a winge cos my post didn’t work… anyway.. last weekend, […]

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Friday night..

Here I am just me… my bubble was burst so many times at work.. I felt so angry.. but then.. today is my payday.. and He decided a few months back that we would split everything… somehow even though I now have no car, fuel, tax, insurance… £1450 of my pay is required for the […]

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I am tired of trying… life doesn’t care. I am nothing in the world. Just a drop in the ocean. I may have a friend.. may.. old boss, says he is my friend… but doesn’t know me at all.. only knows the great worker I was for him… should I let him know me?? Let […]

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Surprised…thank you

So I was down… alone… sad… so I posted and joined some Facebook pages and the support and the comments I got were amazing… nothing solid that I can hug, no one offering to come over and stroke my hair while I fall asleep.. but so much support and love! Made me feel good, and […]

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I broke cos I’m broken

Whatever… I worked my ass off today… left at 7am to ride my bike 25 min in 2 degrees and got home at 6pm… not as cold riding home… but I look like a suicide bomber!, But I am surviving. Had a lovely quiet drink of gin and coke last night to relax, had no […]

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I am so confused….

So yesterday started with him being extremely hostile…. see messages below…. And that was it…. he picked me up from the station and acted like nothing at all had happened…. has been acting normal, even nice ever since! I really don’t understand… but when this happens, I have learnt not to question it, I just […]

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