Hi from the Psych ward🤪

Hello, from my psych ward! Been here five or six days now, hard to tell when I feel like Bambi trying to walk! I had the bestest ever spliff, worked Better than the pills… tripping on my music on me bed far what felt like two min but was two hours! 😁 I am soooo […]

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I finally got out of hospital after almost 6weeks. Back at work, taking 20 pills a day.. still not sure if I am ok, and worse still, I have no idea who I am anymore, pills change everything about me.. I may go back to hospital, might have left too early, it’s really hard working.. […]

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Still locked away

Don’t know how long it’s been now, but I’m still sectioned in the psych ward.. must be at least 2 weeks now. My job? Money? Bills? Fuck knows. My partner is being great, he should be since he wanted me here in the first place. But he is bringing me things to do, pizza sometimes, […]

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I just want a big fucking hug, nothing else! I am in a psych ward with a pair of scissors… just one fucking hug would make me feel like it may be ok!!! 😢😪😢

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Huge Trigger Warning

Trigger warning for self harm..,. Do not read if you think it may affect you. ••• •••• •••••• ••••••••• ••••••••••• I was going to explode, I knew I was.. it was bound to happen, was just a matter of time. And I did. In my usual extreme way. I just couldn’t deal with it anymore.. […]

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Why I suck today…

Early morning, going out to do stuff.. and he is in a mood… so he yelled at me for sooo many things… I turned the power point off to the outside camera when I used the power point to vacuum, apparently I get up to things when he is gone that I don’t want him […]

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Can’t think of a title

I feel fat and I feel ugly, hopeless, frustrated, sad, miserable, stuck, like a fucking failure. And I hate myself with a fucking passion. Over tagging, couldn’t care less how many strangers read my shit. It’s only the real me, nothing important. Fuck it.

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