The morning after…

So I got up, got ready for work.. my son said he was staying home as my partner told him he could… I am ok with that, but it was a nasty sarcastic comment, not a nice one. There were lectures about ruining his future, not wanting anything to do with his education anymore, etc etc. He has been a cunt all day. Messages about how he is over it and I am a liar when I say I am working, he can’t deal with me anymore… blah blah. Apparently now he is pissed off and over me because I had a drink last night, and although I did nothing at all wrong, I ruined his night because he was expecting me to be nasty and start a fight! ..?

So I am in trouble firstly for what might have happened but didn’t, and secondly for letting my boy have a day off school. Whatever. Apparently I have no empathy for anyone, he is permanently pissed off and it is all my fault. Oh, FYI, i had two beers after work, and I only had one drink when I got home!

Welcome to my life! 😂


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