Into the unknown

So he has taken off.. called me a fucking moron and said he doesn’t want to be with me. Is now texting me trying to make out it is my fault and I wouldn’t let him sleep. Well guess what, he can lie and manipulate all he wants, because my boy knows now, after last time, he has my permission to call the cops if he gets too nasty. And I will deal with the consequences. I won’t have him in his room wondering if my neck will really be broken, or if we will really be homeless.. if he gets scared, I told him, just call.

It broke my heart the last time he got like this, and after my boy said he was in his room hearing him say he would snap my neck, and he was too scared to call the police but wanted to..

not happening again. I will figure out how to deal with whatever happens. And I know He will make out like I am crazy and it is all my fault.. he has told me he would. But if my boy feels so fucking scared he wants help then he should call, and now he will.


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