What to do…

So.. it is Friday night…first I have to let you know, the new guy never started at work.. apparently he had some criminal history that came up if his name was googled. Good. As much as I hate working alone, I was very stressed about someone new being with me. Next, and more importantly, the […]

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Being dissasociative

I am dissasociative, and I always thought of it as an asset. I loved that I could go through hell and not feel. People die, I don’t cry. I get hurt, I don’t care. But.. I used to cut, and that was what let out all the pent up feelings. Where do they go if […]

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So I thought it might be a good idea to make a new Facebook profile for kutterfly… so I did.. joined a few groups… but I am being over run with messages, nothing bad, just friendly shit.. I don’t know why I bothered … I like one or two.. I am great at helping and […]

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Long day at work, on the train. He is in Scotland, but has been extremely nice the last few days.. I do love him when he is nice.. but I am just feeling depressed.. and I realise I am thinking negatively about everything, I just can’t change it. I am sick of working, leaving at […]

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I am in trouble..

I know… I fuck people off, as soon as they even almost look like they might be able to help, I delete them, and every trace of them on my stuff… I don’t know why, am And I am sorry. I have connected with some people.. but when they get to know me I delete […]

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New year, new me!

NOT! What a load of shit. If it were that fucking easy I wouldn’t wait for some pointless date on the calendar before I made things better, I would have done it a long time ago. But I am entertained by all those hopeful idiots thinking that because the 8 turned into a 9, they […]

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