The morning after…

So I got up, got ready for work.. my son said he was staying home as my partner told him he could… I am ok with that, but it was a nasty sarcastic comment, not a nice one. There were lectures about ruining his future, not wanting anything to do with his education anymore, etc […]

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Tired of it

Just want a hug. He is so offensive, snappy, I can’t even speak. My boy wants to stay up to play a game he paid for and is being released tonight… whispered with him about the fact that He wouldn’t be ok with it.. He heard from downstairs and yelled up that we shouldn’t be […]

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I should be allowed a drink.

I appreciate all the advice and comments, but let’s just get one thing clear. He stopped drinking because of diabetes… now he is drinking again. We don’t go out. We don’t ever go to a pub or a bar. I don’t get to drink on the weekends.. he drinks when he is away for work […]

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I hate him..

I need help.. and I have what… a fucking domestic violence helpline hung up on me.. they said that because he was in the room inside.. even if I went back outside, they had to hang up on me. Well fuck you … you fucking hopeless cunts. I kind of hope he kills me so […]

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He is just being a cunt now.

Saying to me shut up, when I tell him I am updating something… apparently now the clicky noise of this writing is enough for him to tell me that it is all over.. he has put up with me for so long… my phone just dingged.. would be happy to show him who it was.. […]

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I try to touch him…

He pushes me away… he is just a cunt and I want someone else. He is gaslighting me which I never even knew existed until people told me on here.. he is a cunt. Won’t touch me, always blames me for him not wanting me… I am 10 years younger than him.. he is overweight,,, […]

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