Valentine’s Day

I am alone. No surprise, he is away in Scotland. Since I last posted, we have only broken up once… well, he has only once told me I am a worthless fuck and he is wasting his life on me.. but, the next day he was sorry, and has been really nice ever since… well […]

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And he is outta here.

Just like that.. Friday night, not getting drunk, watching tv, so I decided to shave my legs.. got to the top and took my pants off.. we have lived together for fucking years, and he refuses to touch me.. so I spread my legs from my bed/ couch, he is sitting on the single seater […]

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Another fucking weekend

On the train, very long week at work cos I was sick all week but had to go anyway.. very proud of myself, a couple of years ago I would have just stayed home then never gone back and got a new job! Bad week for my head, pay week. I still hate this once […]

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I’m not crazy!!

So… long story short, I was convinced he was treating me the same way people train a puppy., they do something you don’t like, bad response.. something you do like, good response.. now you can say I’m crazy but he didn’t want me to drink since he was diagnosed with diabetes a few months back.. […]

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The value of my life

I have driven away every last soul who ever cared for me.. now I desperately search for friends on the internet. I am so alone in reality , I hate messaging people as a form of friendship. So I fuck every one off.. scare them away.. I don’t want a texting buddy, I want a […]

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It’s 3am and I feel lonely

Woke up… 3 in the morning… was on my couch as usual.. needed to pee, so I went upstairs and did it.. then stopped outside His door… couldn’t hear him snoring as usual, so I quietly opened the door… looked in and he made a noise so I knew he was ok, but I stayed […]

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I can’t take it..

So I tried to be with my actual boyfriend.. I said I want to be with him, want to be close.. he completely threw me off.. went to bed on his own.. we haven’t had sex in well over a year.. haven’t slept in the same bed in longer.. he just came down.. I thought […]

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